Family Law in Hagerstown

Family Law includes several diverse, but related areas of law.

Adoption is one of the happiest areas of family law, and one of the most celebrated.

Divorce, on the other hand, hurts.  
You should avoid it if you can.  But if it is forced on you, you should talk to an experienced attorney who will help you limit the damage, protect your interests, and start the process back to normalcy.

When both parties can agree to it, collaboration is one way of limiting damage in a divorce and avoiding costly and hurtful litigation.  Andy is trained to represent clients in collaborative cases, which involves two attorneys and any other needed professionals to arrive at a "win-win" solution.  If you think it would help in your case, ask Andy about it.

Andy Bright has many years of experience helping people navigate stressful situations involving child custody, visitation, property division,  child support and spousal support.  He has practiced Family Law in Hagerstown since 1991.  He has a calm and patient attitude, and takes the time to help his clients figure out the best way forward.